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You have now put your funeral plans in place with

Castle Fallsview Funeral Home.

You can fund your funeral easily - right now -

with a plan through TruStage Life of Canada.

Planning Ahead is one of the best gifts you can leave your loved ones.

Castle Fallsview Funeral Home accepts plans through TruStage Life of Canada as payment for your eligible funeral arrangement. When you pay for your funeral plan with an insured annuity, your funeral costs are locked in. You will never pay more for your funeral plan. Your funeral arrangement is automatically assigned to Castle Fallsview  Funeral Home when you purchase it today.


When you click on the blue link below, you will be taken to our secure online checkout system to purchase your plan. You can choose to fund your funeral plans in full, or you may wish to pay for them over time. Take a look at each option and make your decision.

All product info and terms of service will be emailed to you automatically, and your annuity certificate will be mailed to your provided mailing address. Castle Fallsview Funeral Home will also receive a copy of the certificate.

You will need your banking info or credit card details to complete this purchase.

If at any time during this process you need help or have questions, our licensed representative, Jocelyne, is on stand-by. Please call the Help Desk toll-free number at the bottom of the computer screen.

Help Desk: 1-877-934-0982

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