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Flower Arrangement

Funerals are a time when we can reaffirm meaning, love, community, goodness and even humor. They allow us a space to come together and affirm that life is changed, but it still continues on.  Funerals help keep the identity of our family alive even when one of our members has died. They give space for our loved ones to grieve together and begin their healing process.


An event as important and special as this deserves our attention and thoughtfulness. Planning your funeral ahead allows you to ensure the things that are important to you are addressed and celebrated during this time. It also relieves the responsibility of making hundreds of decisions from your loved ones when they are reeling at your loss.


Your personal Final Expense Planner walks you through your funeral service and memorial options available at your local funeral establishments. Did you know that many funeral homes will lock in your funeral costs at today's prices if you put your plans in place ahead of time? Let our knowledgeable Planners help you make informed decisions and then put your plans on record at the funeral establishment of your choice.

Once your funeral choices are in place, you can fund them with insured annuity options offered by your Canada Purple Shield Planner. These options require no medicals, are available to anyone despite your age or circumstance, and can be transferred to any funeral establishment or beneficiary should your plans change in the future. Funeral Homes all over Canada accept these funding options as guaranteed payment for your chosen funeral services, and insured annuities are a preferred method of financing.

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