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Purchase a Plan through Canada Purple Shield

from the comfort of your own home!

Today, it's never been easier to plan ahead! Our online system allows you to obtain a free quote and to safely purchase a Final Expense Plan to cover the associated costs from your own computer or device. Insured plans are accepted at most Canadian Funeral Homes as payment towards a guaranteed funeral. Canada Purple Shield is the gold standard for providing funeral funding options in Canada.


How much will you need? Everyone has different requirements and desires, but we have put together an average price list* based on current costs in Canada. You determine what you want to plan for, and you put a Final Expense Plan in place valued at your chosen dollar amount.

For more information on any of these categories, please visit our Final Expense Solutions tab at the top of your page, or click here.

Click on the "Free Quote" button at any time to be taken to a secure final expense purchasing site. From there, you will be able to choose the amount of coverage you require and put a plan in place today!

*Please note: Prices are determined by the chosen funeral establishment at the time of servicing. These prices are average costs only, and the included services will vary depending on your funeral establishment of choice. These average costs are to be used as guidelines only and are not guaranteed pricing by our insurance partners.

Funeral Funding

Average costs in Canada





with Service


Simple Burial


Full Service Traditional Funeral


Monuments & Markers

Sample Monuments

Traditional Monument


traditional monument.png




presendential monument.png

Traditional Urn



traditional urn monument.png




cremation sloped marker.png

TruStage Executor Protection

Also known as our Executor Assistance & Emergency Fund 

If you wish to put aside funds for your executor or representative's benefit, we suggest you take into account:

  • Family members who may need financial assistance to travel home to attend your funeral or memorial.

  • A ball-park amount of any final bills that may need to be paid immediately.

  • Any lingering medical expenses.

  • Rent or mortgage payments until your estate has passed through probate.

  • Fees and costs related to collecting, printing and mailing your estate paperwork.

  • Our Final Documents service, which is a one-time purchase fee of $635, and can be included in your plan amount.

We suggest a plan amount of $2,500 to $5,000 depending on your circumstances.

Add-Ons to any Final Expense Plan

One-time fee included in any of our final expense plans, and your add-on is good for life.

Journey Home


Final Documents



When you click on the button below, you will be taken to a final expense insurance site,

Trustage Life of Canada, to obtain a quote on final expense insurance

and/or to process your application for an insured end-of-life product.

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