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Monument Planning

Plan & Pay for your Monument before Need

Monthly Payment Plans Available

When you pass, your family and friends will find comfort in having a place to visit to remind them of you. Memorials can include monuments at a graveside, plaques and urns at a mausoleum, or even cremated remains placed in granite benches, marble statues and other permanent structures.


Your Final Expense Planner can help you design and pay for your monument or memorial ahead of time. We work with Canada's monument providers to help you put a fitting memorial in place. You have the option of paying for it over time with an insured annuity plan or by paying it outright - your choice.

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Sample Monuments

Sample Monuments

The tradition of creating a memorial to honor the life of a loved one is a natural one. Memorials help in the grieving process and are part of our natural desire to show our love and respect to those who have touched our lives. These enduring, custom, and creative granite memorials are a powerful way of expressing our feelings. Whether you choose an upright monument or a flat or sloped marker, each can be easily customized to represent the life they are marking.

The following are some samples of what our monument partners offer your family. Prices are averages based on monument selections in Eastern Canada, and do not include tax and optional additions such as porcelain photos, etc. You can contact us for more specific pricing based on your preferences and needs.

30x20 Serp Top - Trynor.png

30"x20" $3,200

24x20 Serp Top - Murphy.png



Single Heart - Bishop.png



36x24 Serp Top - Deane.png



Double Heart 2 - Thompson.png



Bevelled Edge 2 - Lapierre.png

36"x24" special shape


Flat Marker - Martin.png

36"x16"x4" sloped marker


Flat Marker With Base - Flemming.png

24"x12"x4" marker & base



24"x12"x4" & 24"x12"x4"

double marker & vase on base


Hickey - Lip - Harrison.png


slanted stone with nosing (lip)


Hickey - No Lip - Allard.png


slanted stone without nosing (lip)


Cremation 1 Door Peak Top - Rhodes.png


double cremation monument


Cremation Monument - Family - Jamieson.p


4-urn monument


Cremation with Monument - Webber.png


2-urn monument


Cremation With Bench - Goodrich.png


cremation bench


Grantie Bench 4.png


natural-edge cremation bench


Grantie Bench 5.png


park bench


Please remember prices are approximates only. We can provide you with a more specific quote once we know what options you're looking for.

Granite Samples

Granite Samples

Granite Samples.png

Our monument partners take tremendous care to ensure that they source only the finest granite to use in the construction of your monument.

Contact Us

Contact Us

For more information about building a fitting monument to your legacy, please fill out the form below. A licensed representative will contact you shortly to discuss your options and help you put a plan in place easily and affordably.

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